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Swimming Pool


Proposed aquatic center breaks down barriers for people with disabilities
A Couple Takes On MS Blog

Aquatic authority addresses incorrect millage mailers
The Morning Sun

Mid-Michigan Aquatic Recreational Authority hosts virtual event about potential aquatic center
Epicenter Mt. Pleasant

Pivotal point soon to come for Mt. Pleasant pool project
The Morning Sun

Aquatic center millage on ballot for city, schools and Union Township
The Morning S

Facebook Live details plans for potential aquatic center
The Morning Sun

Mid-Michigan Aquatics Recreational Authority to host informational Facebook Live event
The Morning Sun

Volunteers needed to sit on recreational authority board for aquatic center
Epicenter Mt. Pleasant

Frequently asked questions about the proposed Mt. Pleasant aquatic center: Answered
Epicenter Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant commissioners get aquatic center update
The Morning Sun

Potential Mt. Pleasant community pool project continues to move forward
The Morning Sun

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The establishment of a new aquatic center in our community is a vital investment, for ensuring water safety through comprehensive lifeguard training and cultivating a culture of awareness and responsiveness that will undoubtedly save lives and enrich our community's aquatic experiences.”

Marcia Mackey, CMU Sports Management and Lifeguard Instructor

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