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Join us in supporting a new 
community aquatic center 

The Mount Pleasant community lacks an aquatic facility and a deep-water swimming pool to meet the health, fitness, education, rehabilitation and recreation needs of our community where demand for such programming is high.

Passing the Community Aquatic Center Bond Proposal will allow us to build a new community aquatic center and provide positive health and recreation opportunities that benefit every age group, enhance public safety and serve as a major economic generator for our community.

This is a one-time, non-partisan proposal featuring broad support from all corners of our community and will enhance the physical, mental and financial health of the community for generations to come.

The construction of a new aquatic center is a vital investment in our collective community health. It has the potential to enhance overall community well-being by promoting regular physical activity and
fostering a healthier lifestyle.”

Dr. Brittany Van Houten, OB-GYN

Professional Swimmer

Building a state-of-the-art aquatics and wellness facility

offering a full range of aquatic activities for community members of all ages and abilities, with a multi-purpose pool for education, recreation, and competition, and a warmer water therapy and teaching pool to support health, fitness and rehabilitation.

A feasibility study conducted showed the clear need for an aquatics center in our community and the ability to sustain it. 

This led the City of Mount Pleasant, Union Township, and the Mount Pleasant Public School Board to establish the Mid-Michigan Aquatics Recreational Authority.


MMARA is working to build this much-needed, year-round facility in the community that will be open to the public and will provide a variety of resources that our community has been lacking for too long.

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